PowerMesh: Premiere Pro, replacement object not inheriting warp stabilize/track data--frozen in place

Hi there,

I have invested 4 hours so far attempting to follow this power mesh warp tracking BorisFX tutorial: Mocha Pro 2021: Intro to PowerMesh Warp Tracking - YouTube

I am using Adobe Premiere version instead of AE but that should not have any impact.

I get a wonderful successful track within seconds. However, where things start to fall apart is trying to apply the edited screencapture/replacement text to “stick” to the video and/or even move following the track data.

Upon pasting the effect onto my screencapture with edited graphics, doing my diligence and selecting the apply matte and render per the tutorial, my replacement graphic never moves, budges, twitches, or anything. Nothing. I left it be for about 20 minutes to see if it wasn’t processed yet or something–still nothing. I tried prerendering that clip too in my timeline and still–nothing.

I am extremely frustrated at this point. I have the latest premiere, running on Windows 10,
Mocha Pro Version 10.0.1 build 54.g58678bac292c
Build Date May 16 2023
Premiere Pro Verion 23.4.0

Really looking for support here. Thanks.


The video above does not really show the workflow for Premiere, so let me try to help.

I believe the better approach for Premiere is to do that via Insert module. Here are the steps:

  • Place the clip that you want to use as your insert over your “main” clip on the Timeline.
  • Select the according Video Track (my case it is Video 2) as an Insert Layer in Mocha Effect parameters.

  • Launch Mocha. Once you finished with the track, follow to the Insert Module.
    Enable the PowerMesh Warp option, and make sure that you’ve also selected the Insert Layer as your Insert Clip.

  • Close & Save
  • Now you should be able Render the Insert: Composite straight from Mocha and everything should be warping correctly.

Elizabeth, this is wonderful advice. Thanks you kindly for the detailed response, it worked immediately! Do you happen to know if there is there any documentation available specific to Premiere? I understand AE is the often preferred host–unfortunately our startup is only willing to pay for one product and they went with Premiere.

Yes, here’s the User Guide where you can find the info about all the hosts including Premiere.

The work approach with Mocha is generally the same in all host’s, because most of the work is happening inside the plugin GUI. The minor differences are how to apply the effect, and what types of data you can export.

I would also recommend going to Boris FX YouTube channel, and typing in “Mocha Premiere” into the search box, so all of the videos that are related to Premiere would pop up.