Powermesh Slides


i recorded my face with a light rotate, i use powermesh for incrust a scare.

I use 90% pixel, perspective and shear, i use 32 remesh size but my point’s splines slides :confused:

Check for:

  • Any obstructions over the tracking mesh (hair etc)
  • Any major light/shadow changes that could be interpreted as edges
  • Try increasing the smoothing for the mesh
  • Try changing the Preprocessing settings

If i put marker tracking, the tracker will be better ?

Mocha tracks for groups of pixels moving in the same direction. In general, faces should have enough texture to track. But in some lightning conditions skin can look too smooth, or the resolution is to small, so adding some additional details could potentially help.

That said, it is more often that Powermesh would look bad either because head rotation is too big, or, as Martin said - due to obstructions or noticeable light/shadow changes.