PowerMesh: Using Null Data To Warp A Moving Mocha Remove Plate In AE

The new mesh warp workflow is working great when applied to layers that have limited movement.

However, I’m attempting to use it in combination with Mocha Pro’s remove module that’s removing an object moving across the screen without much luck.

I’m creating nulls using the Powermesh option within the Mocha Pro effect when back in AE, deleting the majority of the nulls so that I’m working with a manageable amount of them. I’m then creating puppet pins in the same location of the nulls and parenting them to the nulls. The puppet pins then warp correctly, following the nulls and when using a still frame, this works great!

When I pre-comp a video layer that’s using the remove module, I do the same thing but as the puppet pins move across the screen, they continue reference their initial location so I’m left with a patch from one side of the screen moving across to the other side! I’ve tried Duik as an alternative to the puppet tool also with no luck. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate the mesh warp data onto a layer that moves beyond reasonable limits of the puppet tool.

This may be a limitation at the moment of the workflow but is there a way of using the Powermesh data and applying it to an area of a video layer that moves right across the screen?

Thanks in advance. Any help would be much appreciated!

OK, I would really have to see what is going on here to tell you what is happening.

I think you can simply stabilize the mesh warp and apply your puppet tool, but I would have to see the shot and the setup to tell you for sure how to work this out.

Do you have a video?

Thanks Mary, would it be possible to email over an example video to help explain whats happening?

Yes, you can email me an example at maryp at borisfx.com and I will be happy to take a look.