PowerMesh Warped Output Issue

Hi, picking up where I left off in this post (Ben Brownlee, the man, the myth, the legend, requested I re-post here under a new topic): Exporting Power Mesh from Plug-in to use in Silhouette Plug-in - #5 by norton

Ben’s solution was good at fixing the position difference between input and output. Thank you!

However, I’m now left with a warp difference between input and output.

Please check video here: Silhouette PowerMesh Issue 12 May 2023

Any thoughts?


I think this is going to be hard to determine what the issues is without seeing the project and media.

Hi again,

I see what you’re saying now and I know exactly what’s going on. There will always be some warping around the edges of the PowerMesh, which can strech the original plate out of place. This is actually expected behaviour.

To conteract this, you should only use the section of the re-warped plate that corresponds to the orignal shape you “PowerMesh-ed” (not a word). Drop a Composite node in. Pipe the painted, re-warped footage into the FG, your original plate into the BG and the shape from Mocha as the alpha. A bit of softness helps to hide the sins too.

That way you are using as much of your original plate as possible with no pushing or pulling.

Here’s an example node tree. Hope it makes sense :


Ok, that makes a lot of sense, thank you so much! I’ll give it a shot.

It worked, thank you, Ben!

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