PowerMesh with transparent pre-comps and adjustmentlayers?

I would like to use PowerMesh with adjustmentlayers and ideally with a pre-comp, that contains a bunch of adjustment layers (each having own masks).
Is that possible?


For PreComps:
PowerMesh will work on top of any precomped output.
The Precomp output is treated like source footage, so it is used like any other frame image.

Adjustments Layers:
On a single adjustment layer, the Mocha Pro render will take in and render upon everything underneath it. If you have several layers underneath your adjustment layer, Mocha will treat the entire stack as a single source image.
It’s not recommended to work this way in the initial step as it reduces speed, but at the render stage, yes, you can render using the stack on top of everything.

Effects in the same layer:
Mocha ignores effects on the same layer it is applied to and goes straight for the source footage in the layer. We’ve had a couple of requests to allow it to read effects and masks in like some other AE effects do, but we’re still investigating if it’s a solid workflow for performance.

I had a precomp with transparency enabled, and as soon as there is a effect, the pre-comp loses the transparency. (not only when using mocha effect).
The question was for color adjustments not for deforming pixels…

And when I have an adjustment layer with masks, the masks were deactivated. An adjustment layer without mask makes no sense use with morphing, because there is nothing then to morph. Or do you mean then a greyscale mask, which is the adjustment layer content?
I don’t know how to integrate a greyscale mask into an adjustment layer. Please give advice here.


I think that is just a track matte. A greyscale mask as a layer in AE is usually a track matte.