PP Pro 2022 and After Effects 2022 hangs Silhouette

the latest CC hangs like crazy using Silhouette. older 2021 works fine. But I am not yet on a M1 mac. Will test it out on a MacBook 16Max when I receive it this month. I am currently on a macbook pro 16 and a Mac Pro 7.1.

SO moral of the story for me stay 2 releases behind. lol

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Are you caching in AE or Mocha and Silhouette? This isn’t the first response we have gotten about some Macs being slower with Mocha. We’d like to try to narrow the issue down. It sounds like the GPU might be unsupported on your machine or there’s some caching going on. I will also tag @martinb here and see if he has any other input.

What happens when you turn GPU tracking off in Mocha preferences, save, close, and restart AE?

Also, do you have any slower effects on a clip before you’re sending them into Silhouette or Mocha? We have seen some issues there: Terrible performance in Mocha Pro 2022 9.0.1 and After Effects 2022

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this happens on a macbook pro 16 w/ 5600m graphics. (On my mac pro i have not updated to latest CC 2022.)

I will test out agin when I get back on the laptop later today. The 2022 AF has the new multiframe rendering baked in. When you put SIlhouette on a clip a warning comes up saying Silhouette doesn’t support multiframe. It woked for a few times and then just didn’t play nice for an hour keeps crashing. I went back to CC2021 and everything runs perfect. I blame Adobe…

With Disk Cache off or on in After Effects 2022 Silouette still hangs when it is opened after placing it on a clip. IT tries to open but you just get the spinning beachball.

Im just woking in CC 2021 for now, it works fine.

@roger As you have discovered, we have not yet qualified Silhouette for AE/PPro 2022.

In After Effects 2022, if you disable Composition > Preview > Cache Frames When Idle, Silhouette will not hang. The issue has been reported to Adobe.

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oh great!

I did not find this known issue listed in the Silhouette Known Issues section of the FAQ. Will someone be updating the FAQ in the future as issues such as as this arise? It’s been a known issue for over a month at this point?

@laddieervin Yes, sorry about that. I will get the FAQ updated today. Adobe has fixed the issue in the current After Effects Beta version. However, I am not sure what their schedule is for release.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Adobe has fixed this issue in After Effects version 22.1.1 which was just released today.

Thanks for the update, Marco!