Precompose footage of a different frame rate?

I have some footage at 24, 25, and 29.97 all in different shots. The main timeline is 24. the shot that is 25 is tracked ina precomp and looks great. When i add the shot to the main timeline, the track looks off. I figured the precomposed 25fps shot inside the 24fps comp wouldn’t matter, but it seems to. Is there a workaround for this?
I realize i can render the shot and pull the frames in, but something a bit more dynamic would be preferred.

Thanks in advance,

Are you using Mocha Pro plug-in inside AE? Are you pasting tracking or roto data OR using Mocha plug to render inserts? Generally, the way After Effects works is the master comp will override the pre-comps frame rate. This is an AE issue not and I do not believe it is specific to Mocha… same occurs using AE native masking/tracking.

I believe you could interpret all the sources clips to 24 and work in precomps that are 24 to match. Or like you say, render out the precomp to frames.

Yeah that is how I’ll handle it going forward, I’ve pre-rendered this one for now and it is good to go. Thanks for the speedy response!