PRECOMPOSING While applying tracking data

I’ve been using mocha pro 8.0.1 with ae since 1 week…I have many doubts regarding that plugin…but here is one of them…I saw many videos on YouTube about mocha tracking with mesh …people are tracking it really good , but after that when they get back to the after effects ,they are precomposing the source to apply the layer (which is to be tracked) …why do they do that??? why don’t they directly add that layer in main composition and apply track data? I have tried it on my own…!! and it worked only on the way that i saw in YouTube videos…(this includes videos i saw in boris fx)),:roll_eyes:

Here is what I’ve done in after effects…

   I tracked a person's body to apply a tattoo...after i saved tracking and get back to after effects , i added the tattoo layer above the person's video and copied mocha tracking effects and paste it on that tattoo layer...!! and changed module render settings (module --subsurface warp...and render) but it didn't worked...until i done the same process using precompose method that i mentioned before...

Precomps can be easier to change but you can directly apply the warp if you like.

I’ve tried to do that…(like without precomposing) but it didn’t work…The layer is staying still without moving with the base…

Can you tell me the steps in a simple way to track and apply it to the layer…!!!

Well, you have to precomp if you have made alterations to the insert, like moved it or retimed it or if it’s a different length than the footage. Which is why we suggest precomping it, it cuts out a lot of potential issues.

If your source footage you are tracking is longer than the comp, you should ALSO precomp the source before you track.

You tracked a person’s body to apply a tattoo, as long as the track is solid it should move correctly. Visually check the PowerMesh and make sure it is moving correctly.

Before you saved in Mocha and headed back to AE, you didn’t set the stabilize settings. Make sure you go to the stabilize module and set a reference frame where you are adding the image in inside of AE, and make sure you are selecting the right kind of stabilization (warp or unwarp, and quality level)

You added the tattoo layer above the video and copied mocha tracking effects and paste it on that tattoo layer. I’d still precomp it and move all attrubutes into the new comp and trim the timeline as well on the precomp so it matches your source exactly.

Then you changed the module render settings to warp, which is correct.

Sounds like you missed a few steps, like setting the stabilize settings, but I’d have to know more before being sure.

You said " you’d still precomp it and move all attributes into the new comp and trim the timeline as well on the precomp so it matches your source exactly " and I understand what you said…but here is the thing…what if I am working with more than one footage…???.. if I’m working with multiple footages…(one is with 10 seconds and another one is with 10 minutes) and I have to track the 10-second video…!!! now, what should I do??? pre-comp both ??? if yes am I able to track selected footage only??? how do I do that?.. if you don’t mind could you explain the primary steps to setup up multiple footage in the composition and track only one footage ???

Make a ten second precomp for only the section you need. Don’t try to track a ten minute video.

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Thanks…For the reply …And I’m also expecting further reply’s about mocha pro usage in future …:innocent: