Preload Frames with Force

Hello Everyone! When I preload frames, they preload without force interaction. Am I missing something?

My workaround hack is to add the preload handles so that I don’t need to use preload. This way the force interactions are correct by the time I get to the first active frame of picture.

I think the easiest fix (that I can’t find) would be to add linear extrapolation before the first keyframe so that the system recognizes that the motion/force is continuous. You see this issue happen in some programs where motion blur disappears on the first or last frame because the system is being literal about keyframes and sees no continued motion outside of active picture.

Thanks for the help!

Preload works correctly with forces for me. What exact version of PI are you using? Can you attach the project file?

(Is the force active at the first frame? If it’s not, then it won’t be included in the emitter preload calculations.)

Thanks for the reply Alan! I just realized forces are working, but it’s the motion that’s causing the issue.

I’m on PI 22.5. Using it as a plugin within Flame. The Mocha track motion does not continue outside of the tracked frames. So I need to figure out a way to add keyframes outside of the plugin clip time.

Here’s a link in case you were interested. Not sure if the tracking data follows. I’m new to the product and very happy with what it can do!