Premiere: "Effect requires GPU acceleration"

Mocha VR used to work fine in Premiere, but for a couple of weeks now, I always get the “Effect requires GPU acceleration” error.

GPU acceleration is activated in the project settings and all the other effects/plugins (some of them 3rd party) work fine.

Are you combining the effect with instances of Adobe Immersive plug-ins? Mocha can run w/out GPU enabled, but generally this issue points to the Adobe plug-ins they acquired from Mettle.

Have you updated to latest Adobe 2019 and Mocha 2019?

Yes, I am. But I think I just found a solution: If I put Mocha on top of the Adobe effects, the problems seems to be gone.

Glad to hear it. There are lots of reports of this on the Adobe Premiere forum.

Generally Mocha should simply fall back to non GPU if the system is taxed, but “I believe” the Adobe internal VR filters do not have the CPU fallback built in and require more GPU.

In Premiere, I have also seen “nesting” effects as a way to get around the message OR last resort pre-renders.