Premiere Pro Mocha clip becoming unrendered

Is there a recommended practice to avoid having Premiere Pro re-rendering Mocha clips in the timeline even when they haven’t changed?

(Mac Studio M1 Max)

1920x1080 sequence
UHD ProRes 422HQ footage
:02 corner pinned shot (laptop with insert)
:03 corner pinned shot 10 seconds later using different footage
using a different nested clip for each insert

Tweak second corner pin shot and first becomes un-rendered. Also, at various times both clips become un-rendered.

Takes about 3-5 minutes to render just that clip, so every time it becomes un-rendered it is a bit of a pain.

Is there another way of working for this (other than using standalone and rendering out a composite.

If you’re updating the actual shots, then you’ll always need to re-render. If any input is changed, Premiere is going to send Mocha new information.

If you’re just doing post on the Mocha output and don’t need to change anything upstream from Mocha, then your best bet is to either render the existing timeline in Premiere to disk before doing further tweaks or render inside Mocha then export a clip from the file menu using “Export rendered clip”.