Premiere Pro renders


When I bring a Mocha shot directly back into Premiere, I lose the render as soon as I change anything else in the timeline even if it does not affect the Mocha shot.

I have render checked. I render the shot in Premiere. Nothing helps. I have to re-render in Premiere constantly. It’s untenable.

Is there anything that can help?

I admit I don’t fully understand rendering in Mocha. I can get the shots to play as I need them in Mocha, but is there a render step that I am missing before bringing them back to Premiere?


Hi @crispin ,

Rendering from the plugin will always dynamically re-render from scratch unless you’ve cached it in Premiere. The reason for this is we base all renders on the information sent to us in the timeline, like any other plugin effect.

If you want to avoid this, we recommend rendering the Mocha pass to file and importing it back into your project. You can either do this via the Premiere timeline or via the Mocha timeline.

If you plan to render in Mocha for export, you’ll need to:

  1. Render the entire Mocha timeline in the Mocha GUI
  2. Go to “Export rendered clip” in the Mocha file menu and choose your render type
  3. Export. If you’re exporting a QuickTime clip (i.e ProRes), you’ll get an additional dialog to define those settings.
  4. Import the exported render clip into Premiere like any other clip.

I should point this out just so it’s clear: You don’t need to render the entire timeline in the Mocha GUI if you’re rendering in the Premiere timeline. The cache is discarded to make sure Mocha has the most recent information from Premiere.

This may be a basic question, but how do you render in Mocha? Does it happen automatically or is there a button (which I can’t find)?

I still don’t understand why the Mocha clip becomes unrendered in the Premiere timeline when I make a change elsewhere in the timeline that is nowhere near the Mocha clip. (I would understand if it were on a layer above).

In case it helps, the steps I am taking are:

  1. work on shot in Mocha until it looks good and plays
  2. Save and exit
  3. Check render box in Premiere plug in (does not seem to do anything)
  4. Render in Premiere timeline

Hi, sorry i don’t have AE so don’t fully understand what martinb is saying but these are the render buttons, click on a different tab at the bottom to see them, after tracking they will become active, you can render one frame or the timeline just like the tracking buttons,

I tried this. I didn’t make a difference. I don’t understand why the render buttons only show up in some tabs and not others. Clicking on them didn’t help at all when bringing into PP. Anything else to try? Thanks.

When you render in Mocha Pro, you have to render the timeline THEN export the rendered clip and bring it back in if Premiere is not rendering it for some reason.

Have you tried turning GPU processing off in the Mocha Preferences, saving, and restarting Premiere? That might be part of the rendering problem.