Premiere Pro - S_Transition - Low level exception Crashes NLE

I have an S_Transition effect (using a preset that comes with the transition) used multiple times in my sequence. It is the only effect used and the sequences is pretty basic. When a transition effect is approaching, Premiere Pro freezes and doesn’t respond causing me to have to force quit.

Error is a red explanation
A low-level exception occurred in : AES_Transition (GPUVideoFitler::Render)

In order to make revisions to my sequence, I have to remove all the effects and replace them when I’m ready to export.

I am running the most current version of Premiere Pro and the most current version of Sapphire.

More info: I have no issues using Boris or Sapphire on my system while using Avid Media Composer.

This is a GPU issue most likely. Disable the GPU for S_Transition and you shouldn’t see the problem any more. You may also want to look into updating your video drivers – that often is the solution to GPU issues.

Thanks Alan, I’ll try both options.