Preset-Browser loading limitations

Hi Everyone,
I want to place sapphire on a repository and I know it is not built for that but it is working. Thanks to the support. I still encounter a small weird problem: As soon as I put the SaphireOFX folder a little too far on the network I get an error with the preset browser. I was just wondering if someone ever encountered this error with sapphire:

Fri May 22 10:47:54 2020: Log: Subprocess command too long (should be <512): GENARTS_USE_SOCKET=sapphire_preset_browser_OFX_15914 SAPPHIRE_SHMEM_P2A_SIZE=63733760 SAPPHIRE_SHMEM_A2P_SIZE=78643200 GENARTS_LOG_FILE=/SERVER_DIRECTORY/genarts/SapphireOFX/preset_browser_log.txt LC_ALL=C _MEIPASS2=/SERVER_DIRECTORY/genarts/SapphireOFX/pylib LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/SERVER_DIRECTORY/genarts/SapphireOFX/pylib "/SERVER_DIRECTORY/genarts/SapphireOFX/preset-browser/preset-b
Fri May 22 10:47:54 2020: Error: Unable to start Preset Browser: command line too long

Thanks in advance.

I am on a centos system and using it with an OFX host (nuke 11.3)

Seems like a Sapphire bug. We’ve logged it so the fix gets into a maintenance release.
If you’d like to join the Sapphire beta test group, message me privately.


Thanks a lot!
Looking forward for this fix. :slight_smile: