Prevent a layer to be track matted by the top layer

Hi. had a gotcha the other day where my roto layer was on top of my tracking layer. later in the process I found I need more to track and the track failed. I realized that the track layer is using the layer above as a track matte even if the above layer is off. is there a way to disable a layer from being tracked matted by the above layer? otherwise I always have to manually move the tracking layer to be the top most layer (or make sure there is no other layer above it that has a spline that overlap the tracking spline)


Hi Roel,

You can disable the layer by right-clicking it and choosing “Deactivate layer at current frame”. Keep in mind this a keyframed action so make sure you either enable Uberkey when you turn it on and off, or remember to deactivate it on the same frame.

In many cases however it’s easier to just move the layer. :slight_smile:

Thank you Martin. moving a roto layer that has keyframes seems destructive to me. I carefully placed the points there in the first place and don’t want to move it. deactivate layer it is. this feels like it should be easier to decide a layer is not a track matte, I support/FR an option to do that in the layer controls/properties panel so count my vote on that please.