Prevent auto ajustment - e.g. when someone steps in

Hi theree,

I am using this mighty tool which comes with AE. As I think I have to do more tracking in the future I might will upgrade. Anyway. I got a “problem” May I ask someone to help me out?

I am about to track a picture to a wall. That works (not everytime perfect but after some time it looks okay) No - in my shot, someone steps in from the front. The spline and planar will autoajust as soon as parts of him “hit” the position.

I would like to prevent that - it should stay as it is.

It should be:

Not his:

thanks in advance

Welcome to Mocha. We call this Foreground Occlusions. When a FG gets in the way of your track, you can create a hold out mask for that layer. Understanding the layer order in Mocha can really help deal with this specific type of shot. I suggest that you watch a few videos:

In short, make a mask your foreground person. This can be tracked or even hand animated and needs to be on the layer above your track layer. If the foreground fully occludes the bg track, then you need to get creative and move your search area to other relative areas of the background.

Good luck!

Thank you SO much for your very helpful and fast reply!

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