Preview thumbnails red X'ed out

So recently the preview thumbnails for the S_ effects have started showing up as big red X’s . This was not the case 2-3 weeks ago, just something that started happening recently. Any thoughts on how to get them to display properly again? I’ve tried checking and unchecking “live preview” and turning GPU both on and off, neither setting fixed the issue.

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Once your trial license expires, which it did today, the red X shows up on the Sapphire filters.

No I wouldn’t think that is the issue, I have a fully paid license. Its coming up for renewal but not for another 22 days.

Optics — Standalone + Plug-Ins Support Ends 2/24/2022

Yes, you have a fully paid license as well as a 15 day trial that expired today. I suggest that you deactivate your license and then activate again using the serial number you were issued. If that does not work, please file a support case here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Thank you. That explains that. Let me ask you this, before doing all that, I was planning to renew on Thursday anways, so will that just take care of it?

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Yes, once you renew on Thursday, deactivate and reactivate with your serial number, you will be good to go.