Primatte Cutting off background video when zoomed in on green screen video in resolve


I just bought Primatte and keyed out my subject using the YouTube tutorial. I made an alpha channel and followed all the steps. The subject video is in channel v2

Next I added a solid color to the background and put that in channel v1.

However, I need the subject from the v2 video to be on the right side, and unfortunately the v2 video is cutting off the background video when I reposition it.

Is there any way to fix this?


I would suggest trying to use the integrated Mocha mask or the crop mask for the outside shape in Primatte to see if that solves the problem. Meanwhile, I’ll take a look to see if I can offer any other solution, should that not work for you.


Yep, I just checked on my system and the suggestion I offered works. Try this :

(1) add a transform node in front of the keyed shot (I tend to use the Color tab for all of this type of work)
(2) reposition the shot in the frame
(3) in Primatte Studio, select Crop from the Outside Mask Shape pop-up
(4) use the on-screen crosshairs to position the top left and bottom right of the crop