Primatte feature request: Multi output (Autodesk)

I’d like to make a feature request for Primatte Studio OFX for Autodesk

It would be useful to work in Composite mode to see the result, but have active multi outputs so a processed FG + Matte could be output for use within Batch.



That’s an interesting suggestion. Currently our plugins only ever produce a single output node but I can certainly see the benefit of multiple outputs in some scenarios. Are there other OFX plugins you are aware of that produce multiple outputs?

Hi Jason

OFX have only recently become available in Flame, so my experience is limited to Neat, Continuum and Sapphire. I’m not familiar if there’s an OFX limitation on the number of outputs

In the flame timeline, Primatte works as expected with a keyed result output, but in Batch, there is the opportunity for a more efficient workflow with multiple outputs like the Action and Gmask Tracer nodes when we shift C the circular node it becomes rectangular to display multi outputs.The OFX Primatte in Batch already has a result and matte out, but so far I could only see solid white in the Matte output.

Instead of redesigning the node, one helpful solution would be to allow a comp result view while in the Primatte OFX node, but have the outputs set optionally to Processed Foreground and Final Matte.

As it is currently, I can render out the FG and Matte as two clips from one Primatte node, or dupe the node and have one set FG, the other for matte. So this request is aimed at efficiency, not really a new functionality.

All this is going towards doing keys in Batch, and then comping the prepped layers in Action’s 3D workspace.



Thanks for the additional details, Peter! We will research whether the OFX spec provides a way to generate multiple outputs like that.