Primatte Secondary Spill Remover cancels out inside mask?

Hi, I’ve got a guy up against a greenscreen wearing a blue jumpsuit that has green patches sewn in to it. Yay! I create an inside mask using mocha to track him which to my understanding should mask out anything within it i.e. keeping the green patches green and not including them in the key. But when I have the secondary spill remover turned on, the area inside the mask is affected and the colours are altered. Is this normal behaviour? It’s like the mask is ignored. Obviously I’d like to use the spill remover on the edges of the subject but I also need to keep the green details. When the spill remover is turned off, the mask acts as I’d expect. Any advice?


Ok, I just changed the Inside Mask - Mask Apply to Opacity and Spill from just Opacity and that seems to have made it work again. Carry on!

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Phew! :slight_smile: