Primatte - Slow render with 2080 Super Nvidia card?

Ryzen 2700X - 2080 Super

I am using a trial to try and decide if I am going to switch from Keylight but I am having the same issues I had with Keylight.

With Premiere, Ultra Key renders SUPER fast with my GPU, but its lacking features.

I switched to AE with Keylight because it had a better keying system, but it only uses 1 core of CPU and doesn’t use the GPU at all.

I thought I heard Continuum uses GPU - so I tried Primatte, but it’s about just as long as Keylight with after effects.

Is there some setting? Or is this just how ot is?

For some reference.

My original file is a 3 minute 4k/30FPS clip. I’m only using Primatte to key and adding a background.

I am attempting to render this 3 minute clip at 1080P with h264.

I rendered out the first 20 seconds of the key’d footage with background and it took a little over 5 minutes.

Can you provide a few more details. Are you rendering in Premiere or in AE? The time spent in Primatte Studio can vary significantly depending on how many of the “extra” options have been enabled so it would be helpful if you could attach a preset saved from the filter or a project file. The core key in Primatte is optimized for multiple cores but does not use the GPU since it should already be quite fast. Some of the additional options such as mask rendering due use the GPU in Primatte.


I am editing in premiere, and I am using ‘replace with ae comp’ on the green screen footage and applying it in AE (the premiere Primatte is very laggy to me) and then using that linked comp in premiere to chop it up and sequence.

Then I am rendering through Premiere pro and into Adobe Media Encoder. But results are similar rendering straight out of Premiere.

Im primatte I’m just using the Auto Analyze and the UI features and then I am also using ‘refine matte’ in the effect panel. Any of that help?

To make things simpler I did the following test just all in premiere and left AE out of it. No extra effects, just green screen footage and keying.

Three Minute Clip - 4k/30 FPS into 1080P sequence.

Apply and key Ultra Key - Render time 1-2 minutes
Apply and use Primatte - Render time 15 minutes.

Task manager with Ultra Key = 100% CPU - 20% GPU
Task manager with Primatte = 100% CPU - 0% GPU

It sucks because I really like how primatte keys but a lot of time my boss wants new renders to review and this time is killing me. any ideas?

Could you save a BCC preset for us and either attach it to the forum thread or email it to me privately if you’d prefer: jclement at borisfx dot com
At the top of the Primatte Studio effect controls there is a Save button which you can use to save out just the BCC settings for that filter. That will help us understand exactly what settings you have applied. Because this filter doesn’t currently use the native Premiere GPU pipeline like their own filters do, the times are never going to match their native result, but we can see if there is anything we can do.