Primatte Studio giving crazy results from Manual BG Sampling

I first started using Primatte Studio w/ After Effects in February. LOVE it! Worked great until this week. Now whenever I try to manual BG sample the results are CRAZY. (The auto analyze always comes back with a failure. I’m figuring it’s because the greenscreen area is so small??? ) Starting this week manual BG sampling darkens the whole area now, not just the color in the area I sample. Since yesterday, it’s now doing some kind of crazy color remapping. I tried turning off the masks I was using and toggling off visibility for all layers but the one of interest, to try to ensure it wasn’t picking up bad sample data, but that hasn’t helped. I have made no updates to AE or Windows so that’s not an issue. Below are screenshots w/ the following summary:

10_source_ss.png: This is the original source frame. You can see the strip of green in the corner that I’m trying to key out.

10_Keylight_ss.png: I stopped using Keylight the first time I tried Primatte Studio. But I wanted to check and see if it could be the footage or a system issue. The first sample gave me the expected results.

10_PS_luma_ss.png: This shows what’s been happening most of this week. I sample some of the greenscreened object inside the mask and instead of affecting just that color range it’s dropping the luma across the whole region.

10_PS_chroma_ss.png: This just started happening yesterday (Thursday). Instead of whacking out the luma, know I’m getting bizarre results to the chroma of the whole mask.

10_PS_chroma-sans-mask_ss.png: Just to rule out any potential problems with any of the masks/layers I disabled and hid everything but the source footage layer. Quite a spectacular result, but not so usable for my purposes.

I also have short video clips of me doing these actions, but I’ll hold off unless you request those. I greatly appreciate your assistance. Like all of your other customers, client deadlines are looming and all that jazz.


  • DK

Wow - that’s a real torture test for any keyer but please send me a plate or a few frames to work with and I’ll send you my best effort at keying the background out. You can send that to me at peterm(at)borisfx(dot)dom.


Email w/ link sent. Thanks!