Problem about the new tutroial of removing objects

Hi Mary,

I am confusing about the Ghost patch left and right. Why need to separate two layers but same setting or I miss something? Thank you. :relaxed:

Hi there, I separate them left and right because it gives me more control of the edge between the two. I really need to feather the edge in the comp for the cleanplates to look right, and in Mocha when we render the Removes together I have less control over the way those two removes interact. It’s personal preference, but I find I get a cleaner comp this way.

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May I know how to do that? I can’t see clearly in video. How can you render together but can render out left and right seperate? Thank you~:relaxed:

If you want to render them together, you have to have both gears on the layers for the remove activated, an it will render with a hard line between the two. For me, I blended the larger of the two over the top of the smaller one using apply matte and a small feather.

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Ar! I understand your idea. Thank you Mary~!:relaxed: