Problem comping PowerMatte with footage

Hello everyone,

I have a footage that I have taken 2 sections that I have keyed using PowerMatte. I’m trying to comp those two sections back on top of the original clean plate footage. When I use the composite node and comp background over foreground nothing happens. All I see is the original unpainted footage in the comp. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have include screen shots for review. Using Silhouette stand alone.


If you want to composite outside of the Power Matte node, use the first output on the left to feed into your Composite node. The one you are currently uses takes the output of the internal compositing done in Power Matte.

I made the change bit I still can’t see my mattes comped over my painted footage. Not sure if I’m missing a setting but every time I view the composite node, all I see is the original footage unpainted with no mattes?

Sorry used to using Nuke and it’s nodes so I’m wet behind the ears when it comping to comping in Silhouette

It looks like you have discovered a bug. For whatever reason, Power Matte is not passing the alpha through to the Composite node’s Foreground input. Please connect an additional output from the Power Matte node into the Alpha input of Composite.

THAT WORKED!!! Thank you sure. I’m just glad I’m not going crazy!