Problem Creating And Applying New Shapes

This was happening in the previous version and now it’s worse in the latest version.

I’m creating a folder of PNG sequences for a new shape.

Issue 1: It won’t apply to the current emitter anymore, but I was able to go to the “Custom” library and import shape to “Emitter Library”.

Issue 2: I’ve made 3 different custom shapes (all different PNG folder sequences) but the current emitter will only apply the first one I made, even though I’m selecting the other ones and applying them.

Any thoughts on this?

Mac OS 10.14.6

Wow, it’s definitely not working as expected! Thanks for pointing this out.

I just selected a single frame PNG and even that wouldn’t work applying to current emitter. :frowning:

Would you be willing to share your images? (The one that did work and the 2 that didn’t)

You can email it directly to me if you don’t want to post here. alan at boris fx dot com

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Will do. Thanks for the quick response!