Problem customising view

Hi I have dual 4k Dell monitors for Nuke, & for some reason when I go to drag the layer tab to the bottom of the screen, a space opens up & then it just bounces back. My collegue not on the 4k monitors has no such issue, but isn’t this new release(2019) meant to support UHD monitors? Any help would be appreciated

Are you using the plugin or the standalone? The plugin does not support moving windows out of the workspace.


I’m using the ofx plugin, but my colleague has the same setup(other than monitor resolution) & has no such problem. I am simply trying to rearrange within the workspace not drop a panel into another monitor

I believe that Nuke does not support 4K display properly yet? So it may have to do with your Windows Display Settings. What are you set at and is it set to scale?

Ah Ross you are indeed right, Nuke is really pretty poor with 4k monitor support & prefer to leave it to Natron to show how it should be done for some reason. I will have a look at my windows settings, thanks for getting back…

Right - I found this tech note to help:

I have a 4K Dell laptop. I don’t do much in Nuke, but when I do I typically set the monitor to 2k rather than use the Windows scaling feature.

yes a couple of others in the office have done too, glad to know it’s not a Mocha issue, after the move to QT5 did think support for 4-5k monitors would have followed as a matter of course. Thanks for your help