Problem Exporting Correctly into AE

Hello, I am tracking a shot in Mocha for AE, and it is a 24f/2048x1556 frame sequence for film. It comes into Mocha correctly as a 24f shot, and the size is correct.

The track looks great in Mocha, but when I paste the Corner Pin Export data into AE, the image shrinks to about 25% of the size it needs to be and it is offset a small amount to the right. The track otherwise is very accurate!

Something is off & I have NO idea what it can be. Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance, Jesse

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Hi Jesse,
You post your mocha and AE projects here:
user: mocha
pw: 12345678
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Thanks Ross, I am uploading the elements into the FTP (the upload may still be going for a while); the footage is proxy rez, I think this will work, but let me know if you need the full DPX sequence. Its about 1GB whereas JPG is about 100 MB.

I look forward to hearing what you discover.

Regards, Jesse Siglow
(freelance at Digiscope)

Hi Ross,

The layer I am pasting the track data into is exactly the same: 2048x1556. It is a pre comp of a photo that I need to insert into another picture (head replacement).

I tried to re-track a few times, but keep getting the same results. I would appreciate a look, as it tracks perfectly in Mocha but fails on the pasting step, & it is a nasty hank-track! What is the best way to end you the shot to look at?

Regards, Jesse

Hi Ross,

It worked! Thanks so much for the help: I had NO idea about the Align Surface feature, but it makes perfect sense now. Saved the shot too!

One thing: I am still for some reason offset a bit on the Anchor Point; it is not a deal-breaker & I fixed it manually, but I am wondering if there is something else I missed…?

Thanks again, Jesse

Hi Jesse,
You post your mocha and AE projects here:
user: mocha
pw: 12345678

What are you pasting the track data to? To match exactly the AE layer needs to be the same exact size as the AE comp itself. If it isn’t, try pre-comping the layer before pasting track data.

Other than that, you could send me the projects to look.

Hi Jesse,
I looked at your footage and think it is easily solvable.

  1. Your source layer that is getting the tracking data is not full frame, rather created in perspective all ready. So rather than export the surface from mocha as it is, you need to select the layer and than set the align surface button" under the layers. This will take your surface and reset the size to be full frame but still carry your keyframes for perspective, scale rotation, etc.

The concept is covered in the bus tutorial:

This technique is used a lot for tracking paint elements or really anything that is not full frame. The AE corner pin uses full-frame as its starting position.

  1. Another note - make sure that you are on the proper reference frame that you created the insert on before setting “align surface”. You can also import the new photo layer into mocha to preview the composite. If you do this, you will quickly see what allign surface is doing.

Hope this helps. Best,