Problem Image restauration unit

Hi folks,

I am trying to learn the BCC Restauration Unit. My NLE is Vegas Pro 18. BCC is version 2020.5.

I want to remove the black spot beneath. There is some movement in the scene. So I think I have to use the Tracker.

But every time it is almost finished I got a failure.

See the screenshot.

Please help.

Hi There. If you would like to send me a link to download the shot I’d be happy to work with it to see if I understand the problem. My email is


I send you the shot.

Be aware I am a newbie to BCC.

So I can do something stupid!


If you have BCC Remover, that could easily take care of that too. Not sure about the error though (Peter is way more able to help!)

Hi Wiel,

I received the shot and tracked it successfully without error - it’s unclear to me what the problem might have been. I’ll send you the mocha project so that you can use it but there’s a bit of a problem with this piece. The camera is moving and has what looks like DSLR wobble so you might want to think about fixing that first as this throws off the remove/insert. I used the BCC Remover filter to patch over the shadow.


Is GPU use enabled? If so, you might see if turning that off has a positive effect on the tracking.


as said, I got the same error message from Boris BCC Remover within Vegas Pro 18 Suite.

When I use BCC Remover in Vegas Pro 16 the error causes a crash and close immediate Vegas Pro 16. In Vegas Pro 18 I have ‘only’ the error. The error pops everytime on the end of the Mocha-tracking.

By the way, after some trials using BCC Remover is simple but you have tot do some exercises. Your tutorials are effective. Thanks for that.

But, I’m a bit disappointed. I use a brand new I9900K systeem with Asus 2060S , 32 Gb. Ram and Asus Mobo with only NLE- (related) programms. I have to admit that the BCC Restauration Unit was one of THE 2 big reasons to buy Vegas Pro 18 Suite. The other reason was Mercalli V. Furher I bought also the Acon Restauration Unit 2 for sound issues. So I thought I had a practical Swiss knife for video and audio problems. The only problem at this (!) moment: it does not all work as it should.

I will practice by try and error further.




my Nvidia GPU is not active ?!?

Hi Wiel,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still encountering issues with running Mocha in Vegas - this appears to be an isolated issue and not something that we’ve had any reports on so there must be something unique about that system which is causing Mocha to fail. I’ll check with our QA folks to see if they can reproduce on their systems.

Meanwhile, you might want to uninstall and reinstall the Continuum product to see if this helps - and you should be using the most recent retail version of the plugins that are available in the downloads section on our website. If that still fails then there might be some extension or other piece of software that is causing a conflict - and to solve that we might need to put this through a support channel.

So, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Continuum and then try creating a new project in Vegas and let us know if you’re able to successfully track the shot.


Hi Peter,

I reinstalled Boris Continuum. The ‘old’ and the ‘new’ installed version have the same version number: 9.1351.

But it helped notthing. Also not in other footage.

Before we call in the support department maybe it is possible that i do the process of skip the black spot in my footage by step-by-step help by you. May be I do somenthing wrong. I am a newbie to BCC. But I also want to learn. For example i wrote down my stept.

Step 1: load the footage in Vegas Pro 18.
Step 2: click the videopart of the footage
Step 3: choose the Remover tool in the FX-picklist of Vegas Pro 18.
Step 4: once in Boris Remover Tool: select Clone Shape (Removal method)
Step 5: go to Pixelchooser Mocha
Step 6: Launch Mocha/Mask
Step 7: choose ‘Create X-spline layer Tool’ in the top (the thin pencil)
Step 8: Draw a line around the object to be removed (in y case the black spot)
Step 9: right mouse click (that closes the line)
Step 10: Select track (right arrow)
Step 11: after completing, select ‘Exit’ in menu above and go back to Vegas Pro 18 (this last step I couldn’t do because of the error.

Did I forget something or did I something wrong in this line-up of steps? It would be really helpfull for me to check this.

Which other steps are needed to complete the exchange of that black spot in my footgae with the ‘beautiful’ green grass?’

And I have one another, I also can’t see the source and target when I first go to the remover tool. They are so tiny, tiny. Also the text ‘source’, as in the tutorial I can’t see. Is there a setting so that I can see them better?



Hey Wiel,

You mention that the version number for Continuum on your system is 9.1351 … that doesn’t sound right. The current retail version is 13.5.1 and I suspect this might be the version that you’re using.

The steps that you list for using the Remover are correct. Maybe try selecting “save project” before exiting back to the host but that shouldn’t really matter. I’ve asked our QA team to look into trying to reproduce the error and I’ll let you know their results later today.

Other than changing the monitor resolution I don’t know of a way to change the size of the text in the on-screen controls but I’ll add that to the database as a feature request.


Actually due to historical artifacts in the way Vegas displays version info that is correct. the “1351” indicates version 13.5.1. But to really see the complete version info, Wiel, launch the License button in the UI for any Continuum filter and it will display more detailed version info.

As for the source and target cross-hairs, in Vegas they are drawn by the host and there is nothing we can do as a plugin to control them. All cross-hairs in Vegas are drawn like that for all plugins. Also Vegas does now allow us to draw text labels like “Source” in the preview window like almost every other host does, so again there is nothing we due since it is a Vegas limitation.


Hi, I don’t know anymore where I see the last version number.

Maybe, I’m gonna crazy :slight_smile:

I now made a screenshot from it.

Conclusion: you are right, I am wrong!!



Hi Peter,

I mentioned my steps above.

Where do I select that area which comes in place of the black spot which I want to delete: before step 1 or after my last step?

By the way, I use a 4K monitor Ben Q PD2700U.



Hi Wiel,

You can perform that step at any stage - it’s not a linear process.

I have asked our QA team to review the project and see if they can repro the issue that you’re seeing in Vegas with a similarly equipped system. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.



some additional information.

I use 2 monitors for editing with Vegas Pro. The main monitor B en Q PD2700U is connected through mini-display port to the Intel 630 Graphics Unit of the 9900K on the Asus Rog mainboard. The second monitor (old 2 K monitor to preview) is connected through HDMI to the ASUS ROG STRIX 2060S graphics card.

In Version 2021 the both error messages do not occur anymore! Now testing functionality.