Problem in the viewer for the output

Good morning

Recent user of silhouette in trial version …

I am your Mastering Silhouette and Digital Beauty in Silhouette training too.

I have a problem in the viewer for the output that is not displayed.

Whether with the zmatte, transform or math composite node.

If you were kind enough to help me.


Can you do the following:

  • Select Film > Preferences
  • Change the GPU > Mode preference to CPU and close the preferences
  • Select Session > Purge RAM Cache

Does this solve your issue?

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Hello Marco

Thank you very much for your return, it solved my problem, thank you for your responsiveness, I feel confident to fully understand silhouette thanks to your help.


If you are on Windows, we found that using the 531.41 driver in the NVIDIA Recommended Beta Release New Feature Branch fixes the issue. Can you download and install this driver and see if it solves the peoblem? Remember to set the GPU preference back to Auto and restart Silhouette after doing so.

Hello Marco

I installed the latest Nvidia update.

I would need your precious advice for 2 distinct things.


In exercise 05 Paint and Cloning. I note as a kind of slight sparkle on all my stamps made with Paint, which removes all realism in the image. Do you have a trick to remedy this problem?

2: In exercise 07 Color Correction, when I apply the Correct Color node, it is impossible to have a fluid image in the Viever, as if the cache memory did not take care of it.

I didn’t have this concern in the Exercise 05 Paint and Cloning which however has a good number of nodes.

Thank you in advance for your help .


There is flickering in the painted version as a result of the location of your paint strokes. I can’t really advise you on how to fix it because I don’t know where you painted. @Ben_Brownlee Since you are familiar with this, do you have any advice to reduce flickering in the painted result with this shot?

For the playback issue, it looks like you only have 63 frames that can fit into RAM when you select the Color Correct node. You can tell the number of frames that can be downloaded at the bottom of the screen.


Glad to see you working through this course. Paint is an undervalued and underestimated skill. I hope I can help you with it.

  1. You need to be really careful where you clone from. You’ll want to choose somewhere that is close to the area you’re painting, or at least co-planar with your tracking data. A good technique, which I show in the course, is to stabilize your viewer and rest your mouse cursor on the area you want to clone from. Does that stay consistent to the area you’re wanting to clone to?

The bright spot you’re seeing in the first video is because the light hits slightly differently at that point. There’s going to be an area that reflects the light in the same way as your target area. If the paint stroke is too visible, make sure your brush shape is soft soft soft.

  1. This one’s a lot easier. You have your viewer set to Midtones, so you’re seeing a range rather than an Output. Change that and it’ll work properly.

Hope that helps,

Hello Marco

I cannot add Key frames to the Time Line, I also notice that I cannot have access to position and range.

Could you help me ?

Thanks in advance