Problem installing Mocha

Hi, I’ve been reinstalling plug-ins since doing a factory reset on my win 10 machine but it’s coming up with an error when trying to install Mocha. And now whenever I reboot I get warnings about a DLL file not being available. I’m doing a system scan as I know malware can cause these problems but nothing is coming up so far. Anyone experienced similar to shed light on this? I’ll reply with more detail regarding the error code once the scan is complete. Thanks in advance.

Hmm, this seems to relate to my Native Instruments plug-ins which is a matter not related to here. I’ll show what I see when I attempt to install Mocha, which gives less information.

DLL Boris

This is what it says when I try to install Mocha.

I’m guessing this a system problem rather then Boris FX one. No idea how I got there though, it hasn’t happened before. Any suggestions appreciated.

These errors suggest that you don’t have one of the various service packs of redistributables, in this case, it looks like you are missing one of the Visual C++ redistributables.

Can you go to “Apps & Features” in your Windows settings and do a search for “Visual C” and let me know what turns up?

Hi, it bought up 17.

Hopefully that isn’t too small to read?

I’m just going to factory reset again but will keep a close eye on what happens to see what the culprit is should it re-occur.

OK, please let us know so we can confirm whether or not this is something we need to look out for.

Will do, Mary. It’s confusing because I’ve installed that many different apps in such a short period that it would have been impossible to unpick. So my strategy is to install light amounts of each and see if I can recreate it. But it may have even come from a website. I’ll report back.

It won’t let me reset licences as that can only happen once every 30 days. It’s on the same machine but I guess the software thinks it isn’t as it’s a factory reset.

I understand protecting your intellectual property. But I’ve spent not insignificant sums on these products and shouldn’t be gated out because of unrelated issues.

No worries, our support team can reset this manually for you. Can you please submit a case here and someone will help you? Boris FX | Open a Case

Alternatively if you’ve got to have it reset right this minute then you can call us at 1-888-77-BORIS

Thanks, Mary. No not needed right this minute, It’s midnight in the UK so I definitely need some shut eye. I’ll raise the ticket tomorrow. Thanks for your help and sorry if I’m I’m coming across in a bad way. I’m sure you’ve gone through similar with tech where everything works smoothly for years then it all goes wrong at the same time. I’m sure it’ll all iron out.


Not at all, I just wanted to let you know the fastest way to get that sort of licensing support.

Hi, so it happened again prior to me installing anything by Boris FX. Seems it’s a known issue at Creative Cloud though so fixed it by installing the latest Visual C++ package at Microsoft.