Problem Layer size when past corner pin data

Hi all,
i have some problem with mocha when i “past” the corner pin data on my layer in AE… this layer is resize…
the video tracked is 1920x1080 but the surface track is on the middle
i understand that Mocha adjust the corner pin to the surface but how i can past the corner pin without resize the layer in After effects ? ?
thank you

thank you very much !
it work’s perfectly with the “align surface” set in Mocha

If your layer is not the same size as the composition it will be scaled strangely with the corner pin. To avoid this you can either make your layer the same size as the comp, or set up your layer in the shot how you would like it using a manual corner pin, then precomping the layer. If you do the precomp method, you will need to set “Align surface” in Mocha on the same frame that you precomp the corner pin in AE.