Problem: Stabilize Field in Drone 360 Footage

Hello. I’m trying to stabilize a video capture with a 360 camera(Insta 360 One X) mounted in a drone(Phantom 4 Pro). But when I use mocha pro plugin(2021 8.0.3) the field in the video does not stabilize.

The process that I’m following in Adobe After Effects is… first: select an element to track

Then, Reorient the horizon align

And last, select the Module Renders, check Render, and select Reorient.

But the result is this:

Crearly the field is shak.

What can I do stabilize the field? Please help.

Oh no, this looks like rolling shutter. I am not sure we will be able to solve that for you. The track looks stabilized, but the footage has some serious jello going on.