Problem Track for Portal video (with link to files)

Hey all! So I’m trying to track the wall behind this girl to add some graphics and other items on the wall plane here. Image:

I’ve matted the girl and her shadow out, but I’m getting some really funky shaky tracks. I’ve tried tracking with out perspective, with perspective, with and with out sheer. Large motion, small motion, etc.

It seems like I’m getting the closest results with small motion with perspective and sheer enabled. But, the track still hops like a bunny in places.

I’ve included a dropbox link to the .jpg image sequence (24fps NOT 23.976) of this shot, along with my project file. If someone could take a look and lend me a hand, and let me know what I’m doing wrong (I’m fairly well versed in mocha) that’d be amazing!

Don’t use small motion unless the track is literally the wind blowing past a tripod and shaking it minusculely.

Hi Seth,

Your lights were messing your track up. I just avoided them with the one tracking shape and kept tracking. Tracked with perspective and with large motion tracking.

I also made the colors more cunchy in the colorspace tab in the clip tab using log settings, it helped.


not sure what problem you are having.
either roto out the girl and shadow and place that layer above the wall shape layer, or edit the wall shape layer to avoid her and the shadow.
Should track pretty good after that.
I left everything default except for the Perspective toggle and I put the % from 20 to 90.

Apparently there’s no way to attach a file?