Problem tracking a clip into a element 3d scene


I have created a scene with VideoCopilot ELement 3D version 2. I want to add to a 3D basin in the scene a flame which a mov clip.

My 3d Camera is panning upwards and my problem is that my clip layer progressively follows the camera movement instead of staying on the basin. From what I see from tutorials Mocha plus would solve my problem if the whole actual 3d set was the clip and the flame the 3d element. Do I have a solution to do the reverse?

Here is a view of what happens:



Hi Claude,

You’re going to have to attach the element to a null you have tracked from mocha. You should get a null for every corner of any surface tool in mocha and one for the center of the surface tool. From there, you must link the location of your 3D object to any of those nulls. If you do not, the object will not move properly in space.


Hi Mary,

Thanks, I’ll try that. I have also found another way after a long search on youtube here

Have a nice day