Problem with BCC+Blur

I use BCC+Blur frequently, but lately it has developed a problem where, sometimes, the PixelChooser selction is not available. There is a button for Mocha Mask, but clicking it and defining a mask does not work. Usually, the Mocha Mask button is revealed as part of the PixelChooser, which also has other options, but that is absent. Can you advise please?
Host: Adobe Premier, Windows 11
Version: Continuum 2022.5, version

Image attached

A bit more info on this:
I’m using BCC+Blur along with BCC+Beauty Studio, although this problem with Pixel Chooser missing happens in some cases even when Blur is used by itself.
I just rebooted and re-ran Premier, and now I have 2 Pixel Chooser / Mocha options, it’s very strange. And right after I re-ran Premier, I got a “low-level exception in BCC+Blur”, a red box popped up in the lower right of my screen. My graphics drivers are up to date.

Well that’s a very odd and unexpected UI error - I’d suggest uninstalling the Continuum plugins and reinstalling them. Also, we might want to review the system log from that machine - can you send that to us? You can find it here :



Did this start after the Premiere Pro 2023.1.0 host update? We are actively researching some changes made by Premiere to the way they call our plugins which likely explains this issue and which appear to be new in the latest Premiere update. Until we find a resolution, the only workaround is likely to revert the Premiere Pro host version to 2023.0.


Thank you both for replying.
@jclement Yes, I would say this began after the update. I did an entire project utilizing BCC+Blur with no problems, and finished that just before the update occurred; now, the problem occurs regularly.

@PeterMcAuley I’m attaching my log. It’s pretty long; looks like it contains everything I’ve done since March, hah. I found it in Users\brran\AppData\Roaming\BorisFX\Logs
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Thanks. [I removed the log from the public post but we have archived it locally.] So far it appears the issue is indeed related to the Premiere 23.1 update.


The Premier update, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, changed their project file format. I can tell if a project was last edited with the older version by loading it; if I get an upgrade-project prompt, it means the project was last edited with the older version.
I just loaded the last project I spent some weeks on (and while working on that project, I didn’t have this issue), and it was last saved on 12/4/2022, and did not prompt me to update the format. This causes me to wonder if it’s the Adobe update, or a Windows update that is the culprit. Or maybe I just got lucky working on that project.
Update: It was apparently 23.0 that updated the project format. I reverted to that version, and it loads my projects fine, and appears to be stable.
I can work again, thanks for your help!