Problem with Distribute Points?

The Distribute Points feature seems to be taking the points I select and just making a straight line with evenly spaced points regardless of the shape, which seems like strange behavior to me. I was expecting that this feature would evenly spacing the points along the curve of the shape. Thanks for some help on this.

Currently, this is how the algorithm works. The original intent was to distribute the points after they have been collapsed, and in most instances, user interaction with positioning the points is needed. I agree that it would be nice if shape of the path were retained. It is an existing feature request.

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If possible can you please direct me to a video that demo’s the current function of the “Distribute Points” use? Thanks.

There’s a short section in this video: Boris FX | Silhouette 2021: What's New

However, collapse and distribute would be used when a shape sudden becomes simpler and then more complex again. For instance, a hand shape with a finger opening and closing.