Problem with full memory / Mocha Pro OFX plugin in Davinci Resolve

Hi there,
I´m trying to track and reorient/stabilise drone 6K 360° footage. Tracking is not as big problem as reorient - it fills my memory (128GB of RAM) after 200 frames (even if RAM usage is set to 80% in Mocha preferences) and then it crashes (mostly both plugin and resolve). I found that if coming to such a problem, i can contiue tracking repeatedly = after xyz frames, when the memory is on 95% i just stop tracking, close mocha pro, wait few seconds and run it again and continue. However that´s not possible with the reorient :frowning: When i do the same, i can see the settings (atv, ath…) remains there in previously processed frames, but when i try to render the clip, it renders only empty frames (transparent images).
So how can i stabilise longer footage than those 200 frames?
(My computer specs: AMD Ryzen 3950x, 128Gb RAM 3200Mhz, nVidia GTX1080ti with studio drivers, 2x1Tb PCIe 4.0 nvme drives…)


Check your GPU settings and make sure Mocha is using the GTX1080 card when it’s using GPU processing. And then in preferences you can adjust how much memory is used in Mocha and increasing that value might help you with this. Let me check with @martinb and see if he has anything else to add.

As i said, it’ s set to 80%, but it is ignored. GPU is set to 1080ti, not to auto, i tried this already

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I’ll ask Martin if he has any ideas. Can you send us your mocha log?

Here you are (99.8 KB)

What host are you using? Edit… And I see it’s right there in the title. OK. Resolve is still unsupported. So that’s going to be what the problem is. We hope to have a fix for that soon.

I apologize, I missed that in the header.

If you have access to the standalone, can you try the shot in the standalone Mocha Pro?

You can also try this in the full version of Fusion but I don’t know that I recommend trying it in the Fusion panel in Resolve quite yet.

Uff, so what should i do now, i just bought it few days ago :slight_smile:)
You should do something about it as more and more of us is moving from Adobe to Davinci camp :slight_smile:
Btw., why is standalone version of Mocha Pro 2x more expensive as the plugin versions? I can see that the core is actually the same (?!)… If it would be the same price, i would rather choose standalone version - it would make my workflow more complicated, but at least it would work as expected…

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The pricing difference has to do with the fact that it is a standalone and it supports python and several other factors.

If you bought it a few days ago, we can probably upgrade you to the newest version when it is released very soon and that should be better in Resolve though I am unsure if it is completely fixed yet. I will confer with @martinb . In the meantime, let me see if I can send you a beta version, with the full knowledge that a beta version is beta and has some kinks to be worked out.

Can you email me at and I can see what we can do?

thank you for fast response and the explanation about the differences.
Regarding the new version, yes, it would be good, i´m aware about the possible problems with beta, but i have to try it :smiley: perhaps it will be better than now
going to write you an email…

@maryp Can you tell us when the supported version will be released?
I have the same problem - moving from Pr/AE to Davinci Resolve incl. Fusion. I am using Mocha EA and the Red Giant toolset at the moment but since they don’t deliver OFX plugins with compitability for the Fusion page in Resolve I may switch to Sapphire / Mocha Pro / Continuum. As far as I can see, the new Sapphire 2020.5 is the first one that supports the Fusion Page in Resolve.

I wish I could give you a hard date, at this point we are waiting on issues outside of our control to be… um… resolved.