Problem with Mocha Hitfilm


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Can someone from Mocha please provide insight to the requirements for Mocha with HitFilm 4/2017? The support forum at HitFilm is unhelpful in that they point the finger at Mocha. What I want to know is:

  • What are the exact software requirements for Mocha bundled with HitFilm 4/2017? (Please provide the specific versions of C++ redistributables, etc.)
  • Please provide guidance on how to best support QuickTime in a clean installation of the bundled version of HitFilm 4/2017 with Mocha.
As others have stated - this is a very bad user experience on both the Mocha and HitFilm integration. Brand new software on a brand new system and it doesn't work. Please respond with details as the vague set of answers in this thread is not helpful and those who have "solved" the problem have not provided any guidance on what it actually was. Sure, I can go install all 10 versions of C++ redistributables but I shouldn't have to nor do I want to.

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

The guidance on how to install and best support quicktime in a clean installation is listed above. If users have security concerns and do not want to use Quicktime on Windows, but still want access to .MOV and .MP4 codecs, we recommend that they uninstall QuickTime Player, and install only the QuickTime Essentials part of the package. This substantially reduces the attack surface and reduces QuickTime to the status of a faceless library on their system which will only be used inside of other software for codec decoding. For v5 users, the mocha Pro 5 Plug-in option is the ideal solution because it has no dependency on QuickTime and reads the image data right out of the host’s timeline. For users who are unable to upgrade to mocha Pro 5 the Plug-in, installing the codecs alone will help solve some of the problems users are encountering with Quicktime on Windows. The latest version of quicktime is fine.

If you have trouble installing only the quicktime essentials, try this method:

  • Fully uninstall Quicktime and delete any Apple folders left on your machine for a clean uninstall.
  • Reinstall using the full installation option with the player installed as well.
  • In your program management configuration panel, select the uninstall option and ask Quicktime to be “modified.”
  • Uninstall Quicktime Player only but keep the full library of codecs you need to read .MP4 and .MOV files.
That should fix most quicktime support issues and it is how most of our users have solved the problem.

As to C++ and other requirements, can you let me know what OS you are on? In order to run mocha, you will need to check and make sure that you have the following on your target machine, as these are our requirements to run mocha. You shouldn’t have to worry about C++ requirements unless you’re getting a C++ error, in which case, let us know what that is and I can ask the dev team what might be going wrong for you.

Software Requirements:

  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher on Intel
  • Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, on x64.
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS 5 or a compatible Linux distribution on x86_64.
Recommended Hardware:
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB +
  • Disk: High-speed disk array
  • Graphics Card: NVDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher
  • Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)
Minimal Requirements:
  • Processor: At least 1-GHz Pentium IV
  • Disk: At least 1 GB
  • Memory: At least 1 GB
  • Graphics card: Must support OpenGL
  • Monitor: Minimum resolution is 1200×800 pixels
  • Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)