Problem with Particale Illusion

When I did a particle illusion in optics 2022 and after that I go to the app particle illusion. Started inside optics. A strange thing occurs when I add some particles to the pictures and then go back to Optics, the program crashes. What to do.

Mac or Windows?
What preset did you select in PI?
What size image in pixels are you using?


Thanks for your quick reply and the great update 2022.

I use an iMac, thy file size is 6340 × 4224.Canon EOS R
Resolution is 300 pix/inch.

First I make a smart object in photoshop, then I go to Boris optics.Then I choose an effect in particle illusion and launch PI from the parameter section.
After that I choose an effect and click on apply to go back to photoshop 2022. See nothing happen but PS freezes.

Gr. Ab van Polanen

@avp1 Can you let me know the name of the PI preset group and preset name that you select in Optics prior to going into the PI interface? Also, let me know the name of the preset name that you select in PI. Just trying to see if it has to do with a particular preset.

Hi Marco,

Just before I received your answer, I removed Optics from my computer and did a reinstall.
For the moment everything is working perfect, when the problem reoccurs I get intouch with you.
Thank you for the effort.

Ab van Polanen

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