Problems getting roto node to fill spline

I have not used Silhouette in over 6 months. Have been using Nuke and wanted to try Silhouette again for roto. I have made closed spline shapes but am not getting an alpha, matte, or even color fill output. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Have watched a training video but mine shapes are not filled in with color. I am using the standalone version with tiff sequence.

Opened some old projects and then came back to the current project and it started working. But lost the tracking data. Retracked and it stopped working again. Not sure why.

@david4 Can you select your shape, press A to overlay the alpha and then take a screen shot of the entire user interface?

Changed the images to bars and checkerboard.

I would need to see the alpha with the real footage attached. Once you do this, press the A key twice so that only the alpha is displayed.

Got it working by using the swap channels node. Placed the swap channel node after the clip and changed the alpha from white to black. Next changed both the layer and shape blend mode to add. What was confusing me was the layer has its own blend mode.

OK, that makes sense. Some files have a white alpha in which case, you found the solution. You can also select the source node in the Trees window and then in the Parameters window, change the Alpha > Fill to Transparent.

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