Problems pasting corner pin data to AE

I’m just trying to replace someone’s head. I tracked it nicely in Mocha, copied the “ae cs4 corner pin data” and pasted it to a null object in ae. Immediately this null now has a “corner pin” effect containing these keyframes. But obviously parenting anything to that null does nothing because there are no “transform” keyframes. But i have watched tutorials and have seen this pasting of corner pin data to nulls cause the null to move accordingly. What am i doing wrong? Its ae cs4 and the mocha that came with it. Thanks guys!

Corner pin size is related to the size of the surface object (The blue square) in mocha.
If you are doing a head replace, you probably don’t want to use corner pin, as you don’t need to skew the replacement head, you just want to make sure it stays in position. Export to After Effects Transform Data instead. This way you can paste it to a null then parent your replacement footage to that null.

You would only paste Transform data to a null (position, rotation & scale), not a corner pin. Corner pins are usually best for image and footage layers.

We export transform information that contains data for both tracking and stabilisation.
When you export the transform data from AE you need to remove the anchor-point keyframe data.
If the transform data is still off, make sure that the frame rate and aspect ratio are matching in both mocha and AE.
Since you are unfamiliar with the workflow, I suggest watching our online learn-mocha series:

Thanks martin, I did try that but i’m still missing something. I resorted to ae tracker because I just couldnt get it to work.
So i paste the transform data to a null. Immediately, that null moves to the top left of my canvas. While the anchor point seems to be “sticking” to the location i want (in the center, where the person’s head is), the null is far off to the left and not really behaving. Parenting my new footage layer to that null is just a disaster. It simply does not stick.
Pasting the transform data directly to my footage layer? Same thing, the footage immediately moves far to the left. I can use the tranform effect, or precompose it, to move it back into position I like, but alas, it does not “stick” to my object.
ae’s tracker did the job, but man i know mocha is better. i can see it following perfectly. i just cant figure out how to use it. If u have the time i’m putting my a new head on this man’s head: Old Spice | Did You Know - YouTube and I wanted to use this technique of pasting the data: After Effects Tutorial - Using Mocha (Guy With Funny Talent) - YouTube (at 3:20 he pastes corner pin data to a null, and it seems to “stick.” My null, however shoots off to the side)
thanks a lot for your help and patience :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. So i paste the corner pin data to a footage layer, and it shrinks way down to like 1/20 it’s original size. Scaling it up results in horrible loss of quality. Any idea how u would simply replace someone’s head? (Place one head on another persons shoulders, very little movement from either.) Thanks so much!