Problems tracking a window with Mocha Pro 2020 inside After Effects

Hi, I’m using Mocha Pro 2020 for After Effects. I’m trying to track the big window in this video: window tracking.mp4 — Yandex.Disk but the tracking is slipping. Previously I could successfully track it in almost identical videos, but with this video, no matter what I try it doesn’t work.

In After Effects I set video resolution to “Full”, go inside Mocha Pro, set “min % pixels used” to 100%, check Translation, Scale, Rotation, Shear (I also tried checking “Perspective”) checkboxes, set the tracking region and start tracking. I make sure to avoid the person in the video and move the tracking region whenever needed during tracking.

I tried tracking all coplanar surfaces in all combinations I could think of (screenshot of some tracking regions that I tried: Screenshot_64_2.jpg — Yandex.Disk). But as soon as the camera starts panning to the left or to the right, the “Planar surface” tool (the blue rectangle) inside Mocha shows me that the tracking is slipping. What am I doing wrong?

Try making a holdout matte for the guy, and then try making larger shapes that grab the edges of the back wall for the window. Try that and then use adjust track to get it perfect. That should work. Let me know if you continue to struggle with this shot.

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