Problems tracking please help

I have the shot below andI am trying to composite the Tv screen
I have tried tracking the whole of the TV, the frame of the TV and its various parts but I still cant get a good track any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there,
If the file is interlaced that may in some cases throw your track off, I’d de-interlace it for the track (you can render out a quick jpeg sequence if you dont want to take a lot of time to do that)…
You’ll want to make sure you get a little bit of the bright area that the noise is on but remove the bulk of the screen noise from the track with an internal cutout shape (add to x-spline), but only at the rim of the tv frame, and go a little bit outside the screen with your main shape.
You will also want to track from the end of the shot to the beginning f where the tv starts to come on screen.
Crank up your % of Pixels tracked.
Try using auto channel if all else fails.
You might need to use manual track for the last few frames.
Then use adjust track if it is still slipping by finding some of those “findable with the human eye” areas on the front of the books.
If you still need help, let me know, and I’ll do my best to troubleshoot.

Do you see that white bit of nearby detail on the lefthand side of the frame left of the tv screen? Try tracking that bit for the very last tail end of the shot. Don’t be afraid to move the spline around to get better detail as you track.
Let me know if that helps!

I will give it a go tonight.

I have managed to get a pretty good track up until the tv starts to edge out of the screen.
when tracking backwards I have been using the planar surface & grid to try and get a better track. would it be better to track by eye then adjust track using the planar surface & grid or the way I tried?