Problems with Mocha Pro 2022 Slow tracking

I am putting this post regarding the slowness Mocha Pro 2022.5 v9.5.3. I bought a new Dell Precision workstation 5820 with decent specification as follows:

Intel Core i9-10920X CPU @3.50GHz 12 core.
64 GB Ram
With Samsung Pro 1TB M.2 dedicated Hard Drive
ASUS Gefore RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Graphic card

The problem is that it is slow to track. Whatever I am tracking is slow.

The Mocha Pro 2020 was tracking faster on my old Dell workstation!

These are the settings that I have. Under GPU tab in the preferences:

Display Use Vertical Sync is x

Amount of Texture RAM to Reserve MB 1024

Use GPU Processing is X : Open CL Device : ASUS Gefore RTX 3060 Ti 8GB

Allow unsupported GPUs not x

I appreciate you help in advance

Hi, is your GPU driver up to date?

Absolutely. I download and installed the latest driver. Thank you!

Ok, I ask because sometimes people assume that because it’s new it will be all ready to go :wink:
there’s 2, Studio & Game driver,
I don’t know which Boris recommends but i run the Studio 516.94
Geforce Experience helps to swap between the two, if you haven’t already got it that is,

I understand what you said. But I did download the proper driver for my ASUS Gefore RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Graphic card. And it is working with other application fine. Such as Premiere Pro. Thanks

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Hi, I’m off to work, it’s the wk’end so there doesn’t tend to be much activity on here
but you might get a reply from one of the Boris staff,
I think it would help if you say which host you’re using, how you’re using Mocha & the type of media you’re using, :+1:


I am using Windows 11 and the type of media is 4K video clips. But all the clips that I use are less than 2 minutes. Thanks

Hi, Boris might have a simple solution for you but too much information is better than too little.

There’s a lot more to a media file, 4k could mean 4096x2160, but it could also be referring to UHD 3840x2160 which is the more common 16:9 size & is often called 4k,

A file has a file extension, MP4 for example,
but an MP4 is just a container, within that container can be a varied assortment of information,

There’s an App called MediaInfo, download it, it’s free & it’s a fast download with no added adverts or any of that rubbish. MediaInfo

After downloading, right click on the media file in your Windows folder, open MediaInfo, choose Text from the options at the top, Copy & paste the information in a new comment on here :+1:

Or screen grab a picture like this

I thank you for this. But it does not matter what media file I am using and what the resolution on it. I am getting exactly the same tracking speed from Mocha Pro 2022. I don’t understand it. Thanks for your help.

Here is Media Info Snapshot.

! Hope someone will resolve this issue for me with many thanks.

My GPU Preferences Setup Snapshot

This my System info snapshot

Thank you

I wish somebody help in here. Much grateful to you.

What host are you in, or that is Standalone? Did you dried enabling “Allow unsupported GPUs”, does it makes any changes? (Please don’t forger to restart you host if you enable/disable that checkbox)

Hi, sorry I’ve been busy & the Boris team/Elizabeth are much more qualified to help you,
Good luck :+1:

Thank you Gid. Thank you Elizabeth for your response. I will try it and get back to you. Thank you

I have just enabled “Allow unsupported GPUs”, it made it go slower I did Restart Mocha pro for the changes to take effect. And I am using Mocha Pro 2022. Please find snapshot of my GPU preference. Thank you.