Product differences

I have been reading and re-reading your product descriptions and there seems to be quite a bit of redundancy in the abilities of Mokey, Monet and Motor when compared to Mocha . It mentions that Mocha is the “big brother” to one of the other products but isn’t it the “big brother” or top version of all of them?

I have Mocha now and am wondering if I spend money for any of the others, am I really getting something in addition to the tools I have in Mocha.

Sorry for any confusions… but there are some clear differences.

mocha, motor and mocha for AE are all “utility applications” they can’t render finished composites. Export tracking data or mattes for finishing in another compositing app. mocha is the big brother of the three.

mokey can finished difficult compositing challenges such as wire removal or removing rigs, etc. It also has track export and matte capabilities but where it excells and is different is in the ability to remove things from a frame in an automated way.

monet has mocha’s tracker as well but you can render and finish a tracking comp in monet with advanced features such as luminanace compositing and lens distrotion correction.

Here is a link to a comparison chart: