Production set-up advice for tracking white card over white background

Looking for tips/advice on setting up a shot in order to make tracking easier for Mocha Pro. I have a project which will feature an actor holding a white rectangular card in front of his torso. This will all be shot on a white cyc. The actor will flip, spin, and do other actions with the white rectangular card. We will need to track and place photos on the card. I’ve been searching the videos for guidance on what type of tracking markers if any would be helpful. Especially considering the card is white and the background will be bright white. So, what should we print on the card in terms of markers or pattern? And, is there any camera setup advice other than trying to reduce motion blur?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Chris,

You can try a grid with letters and numbers that don’t repeat, that would help. But some of this will need to be done by hand with manual track if the card is flipping and rotating, mocha can only track about 70 degrees of rotation away from the camera without encountering some problems that need to be hand adjusted. Bright white won’t have enough texture for mocha to track, so anything you can put on the card will help as long as it doesn’t repeat a lot.

Trying to reduce blur and lens warping will also help. Try to shoot as uncompressed as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.

Cool! I got a reply from the one I’ve been listening to on so many tutorials! I appreciate your advice. I ran a low-grade test in the office today to start troubleshooting. Sure enough I ran into some issues with the track. I researched tracking markers and placed a series on what I thought would work well in the studio shoot. But as soon as I turn a bit from camera Mocha fails to keep the track. Maybe it’s do to the 70 degree limitation you mentioned. Or, I am doing something wrong. Or, maybe it’s the light that hits the card as I turn to the side.

It seems like this would be an easy one for Mocha, but I wanted to get some advice from the experts to ensure I am not missing something critical. I have a link to a very short clip that has the shot I mention above). I thought that might help troubleshoot this shot. Again, to me it seems like this is a very basic track for Mocha compared to some of the complex things I see tracked in the tutorials.

I tried to insert a link to my dropbox. Didn’t seem like it added it to the post. The test clip can be downloaded here:



You have to track this from the area of most details to the least, in this case, the end to the beginning.

Right, you have to use manual track for shots like this. This isn’t a super challenging track, but its turning too quickly for too many degrees, it’s just better to hand animate the track off screen with manual track like this:

You can follow along with this tutorial for a better understanding of how to do this:

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.



This is great–the information and the prompt support.

One last follow up is about the tracking markers or texture to place on the cards. You mentioned using a grid of non repeating text. Does size of the text matter and number of letters/numbers? I guess does a cluttered pattern of letters make things difficult for Mocha? Or, does a more minimal grid of text work better? If you have time take a look at the mockup I created for the cards to use on this shoot:

I created a test file and will be running some testing.


Mock up of card with tracking markers

**Our company just purchased Mocha Pro, so looking forward to diving in deeper with the app. Thanks again for your time!

That looks fine, but your card wasn’t the problem, it was the amount of angle change so quickly, mocha couldn’t decide where to put the track. No amount of card tweaking would have fixed that, but a faster FPS rate would have.