Project In Point and Current frame don't match Adobe Pr frame count?

I’m trying to set my clip In/Out points in Mocha Pro (plugin for Adobe Pr) but the frame numbers don’t match up to my Adobe Pr Timeline frame numbers?

For example, in my sequence the Pr timeline has my clip starting at frame 3951, in Mocha Pro it shows frame as 5114?? Why the difference? And is there a way to get Mocha Pro frames to matchup with Adboe Pr sequence timeline frames?

Cheers, Rob.

I feel like this is definitely unexpected behavior and also could be a reason we have been seeing some errors in shots coming from Premiere into AE as well. I will let @martinb know, because I think it needs to be tested.

Thank you.

Hi Mary,

See image, circled in red the relevant items. Wide image you’ll want to view it full screen.

Cheers, Rob.

Is the clip itself edited down in the timeline?

Not sure what you mean? The clip that has the Mocha Pro FX added to it is circled in red.

I was expecting Mocha Pro to show frame count 3833 (same as Adobe Pr) but instead Mocha Pro shows 4918.

Cheers, Rob.

I mean has the clip you have in Premiere been edited down in the timeline from the original source material?

For example, a clip that was originally frames 0-100 being trimmed to 5-20.

The original source clip is 12512 frames. This clip has been “edited” so that it’s current duration is 9277 frames. 3235 frames trimmed out.

Not sure how this is relevant, but for the frame count to be useful to me when using Mocha, I want to see the “edited” frame number not the unedited. Unedited isn’t useful to me at all.

Cheers, Rob.