Project not well-formed

I’m using Silhouette paint inside of DaVinci Resolve and have come across the error
‘Could not read project file: not well-formed’ when I go to launch the silhouette project. The only prompt is an OK button that immediately closes out back to Davinci. Is there any way to restore the project from the backups and paint data saved?

@ben4 Can you submit a support case here: Boris FX | Open a Case

When submitting the case, please provide the Silhouette project file. It would be best to zip it up and provide a download link if possible.

We will take a look at the project and see what it going on. Thanks.

Ok, submitted. Thanks for taking a look. Where should I send the download link?

you can private message it to me. Don’t send me the whole archive - just the file “project.sfx” which is inside the archive - if you’re on Mac, you would right click on the file and select “Show Package Contents”, then look inside for “project.sfx”. It’s already compressed so don’t worry about zipping it up.

Ben - sorry about the delay in getting back to you!
This project file is definitely corrupted - except for the header it’s full of zeros!
Were you able to recover a backup?