Projects in Trial Version

“The Mocha Pro trial last for 14 days and gives you full access to all the features. However, projects saved in the trial version are incompatible with a licensed version.” When I upgrade from trial mode to a licensed version , can I still work on projects that I saved in trial mode or are they lost? (I’m using the DaVinci Resolve Fusion OFX version).

The trial version is essentially a temporary license that gives you access to the full features, including saving projects.
If your trial expires and becomes unlicensed, any work that is saved no longer works in the licensed version.

Unlicensed versions of Mocha always write in a format that only works in the unlicensed version. This means you can still learn how to use the program unlicensed, but you can’t use the information in production.

Thanks for the reply! Just upgraded , everything’s great!