Proper Shapes workflow Mocha Pro to Fusion Studio

I’m trying to get some shape data out of Mocha Pro and into Fusion Studio. I’m pretty new to Fusion so I’m sure that’s where the issue is. I have a track in Mocha and I have a shape that is linked to that track. The track comes across fine to Fusion. The shape comes across as well but it’s just a still frame. No animation is applied and it’s just a polygon shape. I’m hoping to build a matte out of the shape and have it filled. I’ve seen a few tutorials, but they don’t seem to have the issue I’m having. In the examples the shapes come in as white solids and the motion is intact.

To export shape data to the Fusion shape format, click the Export Shape Data…​ button in the Track module or from the File menu.

You can export the shape data by saving it to file or by copying it to the clipboard.

To import the shape data into Fusion, either paste directly into the Fusion Flow View or open the comp file from the file menu.

The Mocha layers will come in as separate nodes into the Flow View.

If the shape is just coming in frozen it may be that the timing is off somehow. Check and see if the settings match between Mocha and Fusion and make sure you are pasting data in on the first frame.

Thanks for the reply Mary. I’m getting the nodes in there correctly. I didn’t think to check the keyframes until you suggested it but there is only one keyframe on the shape. Is it because the layer in mocha is linked to the track of another layer?

I’m not sure why that is, I will have to try to test this.

OK, sorry for the hassle. I found the keyframes finally. They were 1000 frames off so I didn’t see them at first. I also learned that you have to click the “Solid” checkbox on the polygon node to make it fill. There’s also a keyframe on that value that needs to be deleted.

I’m new to Fusion so I’m fumbling around a lot!

Thank you for posting your solution, hopefully it will help another user who encounters the same thing!